Leading “power” in children’s clothing

C reating fashion since 1989, Mini Raxevsky represents one of the leading companies worldwide in children’s clothing. With its diversified collections Infant, Baby and Junior as well as the particular Christening series, meets perfectly the needs of demanding little customers from the moment of their birth to the age of 14 years old.

The philosophy of Mini Raxevsky is to be in line with the needs of children’s fashion as well as its progress and to offer the best possible results at the most affordable prices, while offering the customers excellent quality. Studying day by day the modern lifestyle of today’s children and pursuing the complete contentment of their needs, Mini Raxevsky with absolute accountability, creates children’s clothing with distinctive design, offering year after year its own unique touch to the treasures of children’s fashion.

Success came with the establishment of the Brand Mini Raxevsky in Greece and keeps growing over time with the faithful commitment to excellent quality, original design, the combination of comfort & style, and competitive prices. The last 10 years, the Mini Raxevsky collections have been available through the integrated Mini Raxevsky retail chain with boutiques that guarantee service, excellent customer relationship and updates on the latest fashion trends offering happy shopping and unique privileges.

Mini Raxevsky, today, has managed to grow, not only in the domestic market but also in a worldwide range, creating stores in other countries such as Cyprus, Mexico and Australia. Constantly launching new stores also in Greece, the company multiplies its stores and promises a unique environment for the consumer, in order to offer extra comfort while shopping.